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What is The Difference Between Super and Premium Kratom Strains?

One question we get asked a lot is what makes a kratom strain super, what makes one premium and what the difference between these two terms is. It really is quite simple to clear up a bit of confusion we will just briefly cover what this terminology means.

First of all it is not marketing hype; reputable farmers and retailers don’t label a strain as super or premium simply because it’s one of their most popular strains or in order to get you to purchase these kratom powders because they need to move inventory. These terms have very specific meanings and it all has to do with how they are farmed.

Premium Kratom Strains

Premium kratom strains are given the word ‘premium‘ at the start of their name because these strains have gone through a meticulous process during harvest where as many small stems and even, when possible, larger veins are removed by hand before the drying process. As you can imagine this takes quite a bit of work but it’s well documented that the leaf itself has a higher alkaloid content than the stems or other plant matter so by removing this your final ground will be more leaf than the typical kratom powder and therefore have a higher alkaloid content than your typical kratom powder. The benefit to this should be obvious and this is what results in a strain being labeled as premium.

Super Kratom Strains

Super kratom strains are likewise a name/label given to a batch that has been treated differently by a farmer. These are oftentimes older growth leaves but are always hand selected to be the largest leaves that the farmer can find of this particular strain. The idea here is that the larger and more mature leaf has a higher alkaloid content than a younger or immature leaf; therefore by harvesting a batch of only the biggest and most mature leaves a farmer can find of a given strain he is able to produce a final kratom powder with a higher alkaloid content and will then give it the designation of a ‘super‘ kratom strain.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion, we do not ever mislabel or relabel strains for marketing purposes and have a very close relationship with our farmer. If a strain is labeled as premium or super you can bet it is because of the extra work he put in the insure you’re getting a higher than normal alkaloid content from the same strain of kratom.