ALL BACKORDERS EXPECTED TO BY SHIP MIDDLE OF WEEK, Have finally solved card processor deposit issue! New orders expect 3-5 day delay from backlog!
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Tracking Numbers Not Delivered on 5/31 and 6/1

It’s been brought to my attention that nobody received their tracking numbers for orders placed on the days of 5/31 and 6/1 (yesterday and the day before). We shipped 100% of orders same day and on time, if your order is marked as complete it is one it’s way. USPS/ is actually the one who sends your automated tracking e-mail as soon as we print your postage; it appears they were having technical difficulties and tracking e-mails were not sent for 2 days in a row.

So if you did not get your usual tracking e-mail do not fear, your order is still shipped on time and moving as normal just our shipping partner was experiencing some sort of issue that caused them to fail to send out tracking numbers via e-mail like they normally do. It’s impossible time/staff wise to look up every order from the last two days and manually send you your tracking number but if you really need it just contact us ( and we will get it to you.

I will 100% guarantee that packages went out on the same day orders were placed the last 2 days though, so there is no delay with your mail whatsoever just an error that prevented you from getting your tracking e-mail.

– Zac at Oregon Kratom