ALL BACKORDERS EXPECTED TO BY SHIP MIDDLE OF WEEK, Have finally solved card processor deposit issue! New orders expect 3-5 day delay from backlog!
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Tracking Number Issue

Unfortunately we rely on USPS/ to e-mail your tracking information to you and it’s been brought to our attention that the last 2-3 days not all tracking e-mails are being sent and even more confusing some users are being sent the wrong tracking numbers. They are aware of and working on a fix for this issue but in the meantime if you’re one of the unlucky ones that has their order marked as ‘Complete’ (this means you are shipped when we set your order to complete) but without an e-mail containing your tracking info please contact us via e-mail ( and we will manually get your tracking info to you ASAP!

We apologize for the inconvenience this technical issue is with their system and out of our control but hopefully it’s resolved soon and until then just let us know if your tracking is missing and we’ll get it to you; no need to panic all orders are still being sent on time!