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Super White x50 Kratom Extract

We have finally sourced a new high quality kratom extract (this is proper extract, not a boiled down resin) after months of searching for the best available product. This, Super White x50 Extract, is made entirely from white vein kratom leaves rather than some extracts that are full spectrum, so if you like white vein kratom powder you will love this white vein 50x kratom extract.

This product is pure 50x Super White kratom extract and not a homemade kitchen style resin extract, it is not mixed with any other kratom powders, leaves or cutting agents it is just pure extract and essentially an ultra enhanced version (at 50 times per weight) of the best white vein strains our Indonesian supplier offers.

These new extracts have received an extremely warm reception so we will be stocking them in the future and have added larger weight/volume quantities with a price break for each step up in grams you purchase.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.