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Ultra Enhanced Blend Kratom Powder


This Is Our House Blend – Ultra Enhanced Kratom Powder (Enhanced with Black Diamond x25 Extract)!



Our Ultra Enhanced Kratom Powder is a step above even our most potent or “fastest” white vein strain, yet not nearly as expensive as an extract. Blended from a secret in-house recipe of primarily our fastest whites, some Super Green and just a dash of reds for the full spectrum of active alkaloids we then meticulously mix-in the very popular x25 black diamon extract until we have a uniform powder.

Save money over buying ultra-expensive extract, and multiple strains of kratom powder, and mixing your individual doses and buy it professionally done and ready to go out of the bag!

Oregon Kratom’s Ultra Enhanced Kratom Powder is a great finished product; no need to attempt to measure the appropriate amount of extract and mix it with your kratom powder each time; simply reach for your bag of UEK from Oregon Kratom!


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