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Green Maeng Da Kratom Soap Cubes

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Oregon Kratom imports and sells the highest quality finely ground kratom leaf powders for use in your soap making or fragrance needs. As original kratom soap enthusiasts our personal secret recipe was used to make these cubes of Green Vein Maeng Da (loosely translated to ‘pimp grade’) strain of kratom powder as a base. Note that all soaps come out in a green shade with most recipes but tint from reddish to light green depending on the vein color. This is our ‘greenest’ strain, Green Maeng Da, and also all around most popular strain of kratom powder.

Our Green Maeng Da soap cubes use a great and somewhat unique natural receipe which is lye free, as with all of our kratom products this is not intended or known to be safe for human consumption nor does it treat or is known to treat any condition, ailment, symptom or illness. Unfortunately it doesn’t form into the best bars but it does make a great small cube of soap. This product is for a six pack of Oregon Kratom soap cubes, equal to roughly two standard bars of soap.

As a kratom soap enthusiast source we provide all of the highest quality imported kratom strains you could desire to craft your own homemade or specialty soaps with a kratom powder – produced from finely ground kratom leaf – base. Kratom is known to be a great natural ingredient for soaps as kratom leaves if you’ve never attempted to make a kratom soap before you may use a traditional green tea or matcha base soap recipe or follow this basic outline for kratom soap making here and buy one of our high quality strains of kratom powder here.

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