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1 Kilogram (4-Way Split Kilo) Kratom Powder

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10/15/19 Lab Test Results (Certificate of Analysis): Biological | Heavy Metals


Don't forget this product qualifies for FREE Priority Shipping ($7.90 value!) and a FREE ounce sampler! Note  your sampler strain preference in "Order Notes" box during checkout!

For this product you will receive 1 kilogram, or 1,000 grams, of our high quality kratom powder split between up to 4 different kratom strains.

You can split this one kilo between up to 4 strains but may also select less than 4 strains if you desire! Choose your desired kratom strains from the drop-down menus above!

Simply select the strains you want for as many splits
As you'd like and choose 'NONE' for the remaining
(This allows you to split your kilo 1, 2, 3 or 4 ways).
The maximum split is 4-ways (4 different strains).

Additional information

Weight 36 oz


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