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1/2 Kilogram (4-Way Split Half Kilo) Kratom Powder

(11 customer reviews)

$79.00 $64.50

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10/15/19 Lab Test Results (Certificate of Analysis): Biological | Heavy Metals


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For this product you will receive 1/2 kilogram, or 500 grams, of our high quality kratom powder split between up to 4 different kratom strains. If you would prefer it split less than 4 times simply make less than 4 selections and we will divide it in this way. Any notes for a custom order of this product may be included in the “Order Notes” box during checkout.

You can split this one kilo between up to 4 strains but may also select less than 4 strains if you desire – simply select the same strain multiple times; you may order the whole kilo in just one strain, split it in half between 2 strains, etc. but the maximum split is 4-ways (4 different strains). We have 27 strains to choose from, this split kilo can be made up of any of these strains. Don’t forget your order includes an additional free ounce of any strain you may also specify in the ‘Order Notes’ box at checkout (or we’ll pick for you) to sample an additional strain for free!

Choose your strains via the Dropdown Menus Above
Have us split less than 4-ways via selecting the
'NONE' option 1-3 times!

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Weight 18 oz

11 reviews for 1/2 Kilogram (4-Way Split Half Kilo) Kratom Powder

  1. Michael

    Absolutely awesome. OK is easily one of the cheapest and best quality distributor that I have come across. You cannot go wrong with these guys.

  2. Josh Strecker

    Oregon Kratom is by far the best kratom retailer. Their customer service is super fast, as is their shipping. They are the only ones I trust and their product is awesome! But I think most of all, they stand alone in their reliability. Thanks for being there for us Oregon Kratom!

  3. Darrian

    You guys are great and super reliable thankyou! Deff recommend to any new buyers

  4. lobsternoob

    Good quality kratom at a good price, the selection of strains they carry is typically pretty wide ranging, but it has been somewhat limited as of late and prices have risen a little. The prices are still better than competitors I’ve seen, and in my experience so is the quality and consistency. Their shipping is also typically quite fast, and is free if you are making even a relatively small order. I typically receive my order within 48 hours of placing it, obviously that varies a little depending on the day and time of day I order, etc…

    The current limited selection is due to issues outside of OK’s control, so I can’t really knock them for that. Also, that situation is not unique to their company either, other vendors have raised prices and are currently limited in selection or even out of stock too, it’s just how things are at the moment.

    OK is my preferred vendor for kratom, they are always my first go to, and recently with the stock issues I have had to try a few other vendors. Almost invariably I found the other vendors’ products to be dissapointing and/or they just did not live up to what I have come to expect after going through OK for a while. I can’t really give a better endorsement than that. Thanks OK!

  5. Jc

    Oregon Kratom always has quality product and great prices. I wish the feds would stop pushing for a ban on kratom so we can get more strain variety.

  6. Lakas

    My second order both times my order came so quick I live in New York I’ve bought from other dealers over 10 yrs even Bik huk Oregon Kratom is the best

  7. John F

    I’ve ordered from several vendors and without a doubt OK is by far the best. Fast shipping.. Consistent great quality.. Awesome customer service and pricing!!! My #1 fo sho 😁

  8. Luis Favela

    Green maenga hurt my stomach I like white

  9. tonia_wall

    Oregon Kratom is THE Best Kratom supplier in the US, in my opinion. Absolutely top-notch. We’ve tried multiple kratom suppliers/distributors and Oregon Kratom is the only kratom supplier that we have found who are consistently superior on kratom quality and customer service. Thank you, guys!

  10. tylervyhnalek

    Amazing honestly, I ordered the 4 way split so I could find out which kinds I liked most, and they even sent a free 1 ounce sample of something other than I ordered for me to try. I was looking for a site that would let me pay with credit/debit and just couldn’t beat the prices from Oregon Kratom. Above all, their customer service is fantastic, if you have any problems with your order they will make it right. The free 3 day shipping is just another plus, which I believe was for orders above a certain amount (like 50-60 dollars and I will probably always be spending that much when I order anyways). I have nothing bad to say about any of the strains I got, they were all good they just meet different needs and are slightly different, I personally really like the Green Thai and the Trainwreck Full Spectrum Blend. As long as I am able to keep ordering from Oregon Kratom I won’t be going anywhere else.


    ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!! Customer service is far above any I’ve EVER experienced ANYWHERE else! Shipping was supposed to take 3-5 days… low & behold, made it from Oregon to Louisiana in 2! The product & price… well, lets just say I’ve spent twice as much for half the amount at the “other guys” place, and their “premium” grade product wasn’t nearly as top notch as Oregon Kratom’s standard grade. All other places have lost a long time customer! I wish I woulda found out about Oregon Kratom sooner! Thank Y’all for EVERYTHING!!!!!!

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