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3 Oz. Kratom Powder Sampler Pack

$20.00 $15.00

This product is great for first time customers, get 3 Ounces (84 Grams) of any kratom strain(s). This allows you to try a white, red and green vein strain of kratom powder for a low price!

You can get all 3 of your favorite strain or mix it up in any way you wish, example: 1 ounce each of 3 different strains, 2 ounces of one strain and 1 of another, 3 ounces of 1 strain, etc.

Due to the custom nature of your order simply tell us which strains you’d like in the Order notes box during checkout. Indicate the strain(s) and amounts of each you’d like in the Order Notes box and we’ll get your order sent off to you ASAP. If you want us to choose for you just leave your preference blank and we will gladly select one of each, red, white and green vein strains.

Strains Currently In Stock Strains to Choose From (Specify in ‘Order Notes’ Box During Checkout and Note Out of Stock Strains as Listed Below):

Super Red Gold | Red Elephant | Red Kapuas Hulu | Red Vein Horn | Red Vein Thai OUT OF STOCK| Red Vein Sumatra | Red Vein Maeng Da | Red Vein Borneo OUT OF STOCK | Red Vein Bali | Red Vein Super Red Bali OUT OF STOCK | Red Kali | Red Vietnam | Premium Gold | Bali Gold | White Vein Sumatra | White Vein Bali OUT OF STOCK | White Vein Kapuas Hulu OUT OF STOCK | White Malay | White Vein Borneo OUT OF STOCK | White Vein Thai OUT OF STOCK | White Vein Maeng Da | Yellow Maeng Da | Yellow Gold OUT OF STOCK | Green Vein Maeng Da | Green Vein Kapuas Hulu | Green Vein Bali OUT OF STOCK | Green Vein Malay | Green Vein Sumatra | Green Vein Elephant OUT OF STOCK | Green Vein Thai | Super Green Jongkong | Premium Maeng Da OUT OF STOCK | Green Borneo

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Weight 3 oz