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Kratom Capsules (30 Count – 500 MG Gel Caps)


Kratom Capsules – Kratom Powder Pills: Quantity 30 Size: 500 MGs

We offer this to those who prefer not to prepare their own doses, as well as those who find Kratom bitter or otherwise unpleasant and prefer to instead swallow pills. This product is 500MG of your favorite strain of kratom in a gel capsule (gel caps) that is free of preservatives, gluten, GMOs, BSE-TSE and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates.

These capsules are simply a form of measuring your order, they are intended for research or other non-consumption purposes such as soap making and crafts.

*We have discontinued 500 MG kratom powder gel caps and we are now offering all 27 strains we carry in 1 gram kratom powder gel capsules here. This allows us to save on labor costs (half as many pills per weight) and offer a significantly better price on capped kratom powder to you. We hope you enjoy our 1 gram gel caps as much as you enjoyed these half gram gel caps, the capsules themselves are the same brand and the kratom powder inside is likewise the same thing, the only difference is they are 1 gram each instead of 1/2 gram each. Our new gel capsule prices are roughly 50% of our old prices! Thank you!