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Empty Gel Capsules (100ct. x 1 Gram Capacity)


Empty Gel Capsules – Quantity: 100 Size: 000/1 Gram

This product is 100 empty gel capsules that are great for filling with your favorite kratom powder as an easy way to take or dose your powdered kratom. These gel caps are free of preservatives, gluten, GMOs, BSE-TSE and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. Each gel cap fits slightly over 1 gram, or 1,000 MGs, of kratom powder when packed and stomped full. These are 000 size gelatin capsules and the same capsules we use in our store’s very popular pre-filled kratom powder gel caps. By purchasing empty capsules and your favorite strain of kratom powder separately and filling them yourself you are receiving the exact same end product and saving a good deal of money as it avoids our labor costs for filling capsules!

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