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CBD Isolate Enhanced Kratom Gel Capsules: 25 Caps

**SALE: With an average market price of slightly over $1 per 10 MG of CBD ISO our CBD isolate enhanced kratom capsules are even CHEAPER than typical CBD isolate capsules WITHOUT KRATOM! Take advantage of this introductory sale price now:

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Kratom Capsules – CBD ISO Enhanced Kratom Powder Gel Capsules: Quantity 25 Size: 1,000 MG Kratom & 10 MG CBD ISO / Capsule

Combine the power and benefits of two terrific and increasingly popular gel-caps – CBD and Kratom Powder – into one terrifically balanced capsule. Product produced and manufactured exclusively by Oregon Kratom with locally sourced CBD and our own high quality kratom powders..

CBD and KratomThis product is 25 in quantity and 1 Gram (1,000 MG) in weight of your favorite strain of kratom powder as well as 10 MG of CBD Isolate powder in a gel capsule (gel caps) that is free of any preservatives, gluten, GMOs, BSE-TSE and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. These are the same kratom powder strains that we sell, available in the best strains for combination with CBD ISO, inside of gel capsules and packaged in a quantity of 25 per item ordered. Simply choose your favorite kratom strain(s) to order these CBD enhanced kratom powder gel caps!

CBD Isolate sourced from local Oregon Hemp containing less than 3% THC which makes this CBD containing product legal Federally under the recent Federal Farm Bill as an Industrial Hemp product rather than a High THC Percentage Marijuana product. These capsules contain no measurable amount of THC; they are not considered to be marijuana as they only contain 99%+ Pure CBD ISO and kratom as active ingredients.


You will receive 25 of these gel capsules filled with 25,250 MG of kratom & CBD isolate powder, or 25 grams of kratom powder mixed with 2.5 grams of CBD isolate powder, in gel capsules, for each 1 of this product you purchase. Each capsule’s contents are individually weighed before filling to contain approximately 1,000 MG (1 G) of kratom powder and precisely 10 MG (or .010 G) of CBD isolate powder for accurate measurements by end user.



KRATOM & CBD WARNING: Neither CBD nor Kratom is evaluated or approved by the FDA to treat or cure any conditions and none of our CBD Isolate, kratom or kratom powder products are intended to be consumed as a medication or without first consulting your physician. All products sold without dosage or usage instructions purely for research purposes only. Kratom is not proven by research to be safe and should not be taken when pregnant, breast feeding, driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery. Please conduct proper research before beginning your research with these products at your own risk.