Scaling Back Kratom Powder Gel Capsule Sales

Currently we have had to remove the 60 count and 100 count kratom powder gel capsules. Due to manpower issues we cannot fill multiple orders for 100s of gel capsules daily. Even after trying new capsule filler machines it is incredibly labor intensive and we would have to price them so astronomically high to pay for a dedicated gel capsule (or possibly even multiple) staff member that they would become unaffordable.

We have discounted the price of empty gel capsules and are offering them in 100 packs for just a few dollars, most people can cap 100 – by hand – in 30-45 minutes so this is still an option for you.

We do understand some of our customers have arthritis or other ailments that makes this impossible and we do not take the removal of this popular product lightly. What we have done is left the 30 count kratom gel caps product still available. This way, if you really must have a few gel capsules, we can provide those without receiving multiple orders for 500+ gel capsules each day. We do, however, encourage you to save some money and buy the regular kratom powder and empty capsules and cap them yourselves!

Thank you for your understand and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.