ALL BACKORDERS EXPECTED TO BY SHIP MIDDLE OF WEEK, Have finally solved card processor deposit issue! New orders expect 3-5 day delay from backlog!
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Restock FINALLY Arrived – Reopening

Hello all,

Our restock has FINALLY begun to arrive. Although only a partial restock arrived yesterday afternoon the rest should be coming in daily so we can finally reopen. Again some strains have not yet arrived but they should be here in the next couple of days. Thank you for hanging in there, not sure why it just sat for weeks even after clearing Customs but it was out of our control so we just had to wait as well.

We are all back at work now and will be open at our normal 8 AM Pacific time this morning (7/13) as we had no stock we did close down completely for a few days so if you were trying to call or e-mail to get ahold of someone there was nobody working but we are back to normal operations and hours so you can reach out now if you need to get ahold of someone or order like normal when we open this morning.

Thank you for waiting and your patience, we’re very happy to be back and able to get your kratom shipped out to you!