Recent FDA Announcement on Kratom and What It Means for You

We are discouraging panic buying at this time. The recent FDA announcement on kratom is similar to the announcement the FDA also issued on November 14th, 2016 and less severe than the DEA attempted (and failed) emergency scheduling to ban kratom in late 2015. At this time there is no impending ban or immediate timeline for a ban.

Please do not spend outside of your means or feel you need to stockpile; if kratom is banned the very fastest route is emergency scheduling which is a minimum – as required by law – 30-day process and that is not even being discussed as a possibility at this time.

That being said there is a ton of panic buying, what this means for you is that instead of paying and getting your tracking in 15-20 minutes it may take a few hours and (especially with gel capsules) some orders may not ship the same day but the next day. This is due to panic buying causing us to do a normal full day’s worth of sales every couple of hours. It will subside and we’ll be back to our prompt guaranteed same day shipping at this time – please hang in there for the next couple of days until things die day.

Thank you so much for choosing Oregon Kratom!