Return/Refund/Exchange Policy

Oregon Kratom has an official policy governing how we handle all requests for retruns, refunds and exhanges. Both the customer (party who has made a purchase from e-commerce store) and Oregon Kratom (any representative of the e-commerce store) are bound to follow and honor the below terms regarding any such request. Oregon Kratom may decide to honor such requests even if they do not qualify based on our return/refund/exchange policy due to mitigating circumstances at Oregon Kratom’s sole discretion.

Returns for exchange will be accepted for all UNOPENED products provided the following conditions all apply:

  • Request to return unopened product for exchange of equal or lesser value is received within 30 days from date that order was placed by customer.
  • Product is unopened, remains sealed in packaging in exact condition provided when mailed by Oregon Kratom.

Returns for cash refund (full or partial) will be honored provided product is unopened and sealed in packaging in exact condition provided when mailed by Oregon Kratom provided less than 7 calendar days have elapsed since customer placed order. All other returns are only accepted for exchange. In addition cash refunds will NOT be issued because customer has purchased an incorrect or unsuitable strain. Oregon Kratom carries 34 strains and blends (plus enhanced strains and extracts) all of which have a strong following; however personal preference carries huge weight in whether a kratom strain is considered “great” or “poor”. Oregon Kratom offers 3 strain and 9 strain sample packs at a reduced rate for customers to find their favorite (and/or least favorite) strains. Any customer who purchases bulk kratom without first sampling small discounted amounts in this fashion does so at their own risk and understands Oregon Kratom will exchange their product only 1 time for merchandise of equal or lesser value and will not accept these returns for cash refund.

NO opened kratom products will be accepted for return unless mitigating circumstances are considered by Oregon Kratom and found, at Oregon Kratom’s sole discretion, to be valid and extraordinary circumstances warranting a full monetory refund or return for exchange of merchandise.

All returns will require the customer to mail back the product(s) requested for exchange or refund and pay full postage. Oregon Kratom will pay postage for any replacement product to be exchanged that must be mailed from Oregon Kratom to customer.

All returns will be processed (no more than 5 calendar days from date return is received by Oregon Kratom) once merchandise/product has been physically received by Oregon Kratom. No exchange merchandise or cash refund will be issued until Oregon Kratom has physically received the returned merchandise from request.

Any disputes of above policy will be handled by arbitration of Oregon Kratom’s choosing.

Customer agrees to abide by this return/exchange/refund policy when purchasing from Oregon Kratom.