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Oregon Kratom Powdered Kratom Strains/Varieties

At Oregon Kratom we currently stock kratom powder and kratom powder gel capsules in 27 different strains/varieties. These strains fall into three main groups, designated by their vein and stem color, which are red, white and green but also include yellow which is a white with a different drying method and gold which are reds with different drying methods. All of our kratom products are finely ground powder from kratom leaves free of any additives and sourced from local Southeast Asian countries and imported to our Oregon, USA location by us personally. Please choose your strain below to learn a little bit more about it:

Green Malay

Green Thai

Green Bali

Green Maeng Da

Green Elephant

Green Sumatra

Green Kapuas Hulu

White Maeng Da

White Borneo

White Bali

White Malay

White Sumatra

White Kapuas Hulu

Yellow Maeng Da

Yellow Gold

Premium Gold

Super Red Gold

Red Maeng Da

Red Super Bali

Red Bali

Red Borneo

Red Sumatra

Red Thai

Red Horn

Red Kapuas Hulu

Red Elephant

Bali Gold