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Oregon Kratom Community – Interact with One Another

We’ve decided to build a community space for Oregon Kratom customers, and prospective customers, to interact with on another and share experiences or just chat about kratom in general. It’s in the early stages but can be found here:

It’s a sub reddit dedicated to Oregon Kratom, you can post reviews, get strain advice, and talk about things like the legal climate of kratom as well as Oregon Kratom itself in this new community. We hope you’ll join us there and start seeing more of our customers forming relationships and helping us to do a better job serving you in the process.

We will also be posting limited time coupon codes and promotional offers there, so check before making a purchase and you may save a few bucks off of the listed price on our site!

We’d also like to note that we’re growing fast and it’s all due to your repeat business, please feel free to drop into the community (you can signup there for a new account without even using or verifying an e-mail in 5 seconds or use any existing Reddit account) and give us feedback. What strains don’t we stock that you want? What do we do well that you want to thank us for? We want to hear more from our Oregon Kratom customer base – which has been extremely loyal and helped us to grow quickly – so please take a moment to check in every now and again and contribute to the discussion. The address again is:


Zac at Oregon Kratom