NEW: CBD Enhanced Kratom Gel Caps Available Now!

NEW: CBD Enhanced Kratom Powder for Sale!

At Oregon Kratom we’re just beginning a Spring full of CBD products that will be gradually rolled out with our first new product offering – CBD enhanced Kratom powder!

This product line will include CBD Isolate (99%+ pure CBD) Kratom Powder mixed products at a ratio of approximately 1,000:10 MG – or 10 MG of CBD Isolate to 1 Gram of Kratom Powder. This is approximately the average CBD to Kratom ratio of a normal person, however we do not intend this to be interpreted as dosage advice and recommend you never ingest any CBD or Kratom derived products without a dosage recommendation from a medical professional as each body is different.

We will be rolling out additional CBD enhanced kratom products throughout the next 3 months including tablets, tinctures and kratom extract derived CBD enhanced products. We hope you enjoy them as much as you enjoy our kratom, using Oregonian locally grown Hemp we’re able to bring you the highest quality CBD products to compliment our top shelf kratom powders and kratom products!

Our partner providing the CBD is an Oregon Based marijuana/industrial hemp provider that is full compliant with all state and Federal laws making it a legal product in all 50 states! Our CBD Isolate is derived from Federal Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp which contains less than 3% THC. This allows us to carry a CBD product which is 100% THC FREE and does not contain the additional cannabanoids found in full spectrum CBD products, our isolate is 99%+ pure (lab tested with results available upon request) which makes it a 100% legal and compliant product in all 50 states (in fact kratom is the limiting factor in not being able to sell/ship this product line to some states, not the CBD additive).