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Low Kratom Stock and Arrival Estimates

We are currently low on stock on most strains, and out of stock on others. Stocks on pages accurately reflect what we have available. We have to import all of our kratom from Southeast Asia and even though we order weekly restocks between the long transit times and unexpected US Customs delays it is impossible to predict the exact arrival of restocks (we get a scan when Customs has it and then we get it delivered the next day).

We have 3 weeks worth of restocks in route now, we did not get our regular shipment this week so are hoping for 2 weeks worth in the coming week. Please check back every few days as stocks will be updated on our site as soon as we have the kratom powder (or kratom gel capsules) in your desired strain or blend/variety available.

Thanks for being understanding and helping us grow so fast – the kratom is on the way and we hoped to be fully stocked and ready to rock in a matter of days!