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Kratom in Tennessee Legal – We Ship ALL Natural Kratom Powder to TN 100% Legally

Kratom is STILL currently legal in the state of Tennessee in it’s natural leaf form (only synthetic alkaloids are banned/considered a controlled substance). All kratom products and kratom powders sold at Oregon Kratom are 100% additive free ground natural leaf and thus completely legal to buy and posses in the state of TN.

There is some confusion with a new impending ban on 2/28/2018. This is just a bill that cleared committee in the state Senate, it still needs to clear committee and get a companion bill in the state House of Representatives and finally the governor has to sign it into law if both of these bodies pass their bills banning natural kratom products.

If this does happen the date listed on the bill is July 1, 2018. So kratom is still legal in TN, may not become illegal at all but if it does you have until July 1st at the earliest for a ban to occur so please do not panic.

We 100% ship to TN residents and it’s legal for both us and you and we will continue right up to the week of a ban taking affect if the proposed ban occurs. We are fighting hard to stop the ban, please consider donating to a kratom advocacy group to lobby your state representatives to stop this kratom ban at: – Just click ‘Donate’ in the top right. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can donate with your Credit/Debit card without creating an account and send a quick payment. – instructions right on the page on donating accepting multiple forms of payment. – Again instructions right on the page to donate.

And please e-mail your representatives that sit on the committee which has the power to amend this bill and remove kratom from the bill before it gets to a vote in order to keep kratom legal at:;;;;;;;;;