Kratom Compassionate Assistance Program at Oregon Kratom

Although kratom is not a medication and is not known by the FDA to treat or cure any illness, disease, or condition many people find kratom to be an important plant for numerous and often completely different reasons.

Therefore, we’ve decided to provide our kratom at or as close as possible to our costs to those customers who may have either a difficult time paying for their kratom or have a very real need for a constant supply of kratom, including but not limited to:

  • Anyone who is on a fixed income (social security/disability, unemployment, underemployed, etc.) or at/near the poverty line which can largely be defined as those on or financially eligible for Medicaid/Medicare (or your state’s income based free health care plan), EBT (food stamps) and similar state/Federal Government assistance programs will qualify.
  • Additionally anyone who is disabled, either temporarily or permanently (physical and psychological conditions are both accepted), actively engaged in substance abuse treatment or a US Veteran is welcome to apply on that basis as well.

To participate in reduced rates on kratom powders & CBD products from Oregon Kratom and qualify for acceptance in the new Kratom Compassionate Assistance Program here at Oregon Kratom we must simply verify that you meet the above criteria. If none of the above applies to you but your kratom is unaffordable and you require assistance to purchase an adequate amount of kratom for yourself you may also qualify and are welcome to apply.

To apply simply upload your proof of eligibility (file types such as .PDF/.DOC/.DOCX or simple pictures of documents .GIF,.JPG,.PNG are accepted). We generally approve or deny new applications within 24 hours:

Login/Signup for an Oregon Kratom Account HERE and complete your file upload at the bottom of your account page to enroll!