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[UPDATED] Indonesia Temporarily Restricting Kratom Exports via China Post

UPDATE: 10/19/2018:

We have received a good portion of our normal order from our normal supplier in Indonesia in the last couple of days, the rest is expected in the next 1-3 days (it typically comes in pieces over a 3-5 day period as it’s a very large shipment made of around 50 parcels) so go ahead and order any strains marked in stock or check back on Monday and Tuesday if your favorite hasn’t landed yet. This is the exact same product we have always carried from the same source so we are (hopefully) back to normal business! Thank you all so much for hanging in there during this difficult time we are very pleased to be able to bring you the exact same high quality kratom powders that you have come to expect from Oregon Kratom!


UPDATE 10/11/2018:

Our temporary solution of domestic US purchased kratom that was due on Friday (10/12) or Saturday (10/13) is unfortunately delayed. As it is coming from Jacksonville, Florida which has sustained a direct hit from a hurricane they are experiencing mail delays. We still hope for our shipment to arrive in a matter of a few days but our exact arrival date is uncertain at this time. It is coming USPS Priority mail (which should be 2-3 days) and is in the US so no worries about Customs delays. Thank you for your understanding and continued patience as we experience one logistics challenge after another; we are doing our absolute best to get our product as soon as possible however these natural disasters are unforeseen and completely out of our control.

Well you may have heard rumors but it is official, nationwide China Post (which handles all of Indonesia’s mail once it leaves Indonesia and becomes an international export) has stopped accepting Kratom parcels for export from Indonesia nationwide – this will affect every single kratom vendor or US customer any package containing mitragyna speciosa will be rejected – not to mention the explosion in amount of recent kratom exports. You can view the official document from Indoesia Post here. It is informing us that they are not going to accept parcels at all starting the 1st (already started), we have 2,000 kilos that have been sitting with them since the 23rd of September, these they will ship to us on the 9th of this month.


Until then we are going to be getting product via DHL but it is severely limited in quantity (we are only allowed one package of a low weight per day) so please understand this will affect all strains for the next 14-21 days. Fortunately DHL is much faster so we should have product beginning to land daily in the middle of next week (the 9th to 11th of October). We will receive only 2 strains per day due to the weight limit DHL has but we will receive a shipment every single day starting then so please check back daily next week to see when your favorite strain has been restocked and in another two weeks (hopefully less) we will be back to our normal full stocks with this method and will continue placing and receiving daily shipments via DHL until our normal restock from China Post lands. This will get us back into business (more and more strains in stock daily starting mid-next week) and keep us there; we are doing our very best this solution isn’t perfect but it is going to work given a little time.


We apologize for the inconvenience, this has been a long time coming though. They very much needed to clear their backlog. For the last 3 months it has taken 25-45 days for shipments to arrive as opposed to their usual 10-12 days. We hope that this action they are taking, while limiting our stock the next couple of weeks, will return us to a long term normal and stable mail schedule and this will allow us to eliminate all of these frequent delayed shipments that have been causing low stock the last few months. So there is a silver lining, just a bit longer and all will be well again at Oregon Kratom!

Thank you very much for your understanding while we address this difficult situation and adjust our practices as quickly as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the survivors and rescuers on the ground in Sulawesi who lost so many friends, family, homes – lives as well as ways of life and living – as a result of the recent 7.5 magnitude earthquake and following tsunami and all the peoples of Indonesia who have been affected in any form by the multiple tragic recent natural disasters. We were very saddened to hear about yet another devastating natural disaster to your beautiful island nation and our hearts hurt for you all. God bless and Assalam-o-Alaikum to our brothers and sisters overseas who we send prayers and general good vibes and positive thoughts

The Entire Oregon Kratom Staff, Zac, Ione, Cherelle, Linnea, Matt, Tim, Kyle, Eli and Scott @ Oregon Kratom



  • Again we VERY much apologize for this folks!

    Please excuse the next week or so of low stocks, starting daily next week though we will be getting 2 or 3 strains restocked every day. It’s not a full restock at 33 strains it will take us nearly 2 weeks to have every single strain in stock but it will put us in a better situation daily and every single day there is a chance the strain you’re looking for (or for certain at least a few more strains to choose from) will be available and listed on our site.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Zac at Oregon Kratom

    • Katrina Herber says:

      Thank you for keeping us up to date with this info. It truly is greatly appreciated!! It makes a frustrating situation bearable. 😊

      • It’s a very difficult situation for our entire industry. We have been trying everything we can think to get our stock into the US and have hopefully found a solution. If all goes according to plan stock should begin arriving next week and should then return to normal. Thank you very much for understanding we know how important kratom is to our customers’ lives and are doing our very best to get restocked ASAP!

    • jimothybuck says:

      Thank you guys for being the best Kratom that I’ve had, through quality, price, and ease of your website. I’ve been a customer for only a couple of months, but I’m definitely sticking with you guys, even through your delay of getting shipments. Hopefully it’s not too long before you guys get back up and running with full force.

      • You’re VERY welcome and thank you so much for the kind words!

        We expect our shipment to arrive in parts on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (the 16th and 17th) so check back those days and we should have the strains you’re after ready to ship out, thank you so much again for hanging in there while we address this new logistics challenge.

        – Zac at Oregon Kratom

  • Paul Kemp says:

    Thanks for a concise rundown of what’s going on with shipments of kratom from Indonesia. Are you aware of any tightening of the acceptance on the part of CBP at the receiving ports? The FDA continues to look for new ways to deny kratom to consumers, since they can’t prove that it is harmful as required by law.

    • They have always been much more difficult than regular mail (Indo Post/China Post/EMS/USPS), we actually had a seizure via DHL about a year ago (never had one via China/Indo Post/EMS/USPS) and our supplier recently had a seizure via UPS (or possibly FedEx?). We are not going to ship DHL Express mail in bulk long term (as you correctly pointed out the chance of a seizure is MUCH greater this route); right now we’re just trying to get product on the shelf. We have worked out a deal for port-to-port shipping and will get a monthly shipment by sea rather than dealing with the heightened scrutiny that express courier services such as DHL encounter.

      Fortunately we had 5 packages sent via DHL Express that all cleared US Customs yesterday and are scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday; we won’t be shipping this route long term but it is by far the quickest and we had to risk it to get product on the self ASAP – fortunately it seems like the gamble paid off!

      Seizures are a result of overzealous Customs agents, Indonesian suppliers who do not do their paperwork properly or US and/or Indonesian parties who market their kratom as a supplement or medicine or herbal wellness product (we import and sell all kratom and kratom products as a raw ingredient for craft soap making; we must deny sales to customers indicating they intent to ingest our kratom or kratom products). Kratom is 100% legal in the US, our supplier and us as a company have to be certain to not market, advertise or imply that it is to treat or cure any condition, illness or disease. We very clearly indicate our products are not for human consumption and will not discuss that topic with any customer ever. This is the way that the FDA conducts a successful seizure, your company (our supplier) gets put on the FDA Redlist (Drug Import Alert List) and is then flagged so US Customs has authority to seize your incoming parcels. Where DHL/UPS/FedEx get a little bit more tricky is technically you can have your parcels seized for not complying with the FDA’s cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) if you market or indicate it is in any way for human consumption. There are three kratom retailers are working towards cGMP facilities, equipment, packaging and products but last I heard there is not a single kratom retailer in the world that is officially cGMP compliant which means anyone advertising or selling kratom as a supplement, herb, remedy, anything to be consumed in any fashion has left themselves open to seizure. If not then a Customs Agent has made an error in their seizure and you can file paperwork and get your product returned to you (although it will take a month); it IS legal and cannot be seized unless the sender and/or receiver makes one of these errors.

      It seems that DHL and other smaller express courier services have lower volume and thus more time for Customs agents to check into these aspects and this is why China Post was always the preferred route in the past (DHL and China Post are essentially the same price, DHL takes 4-6 days and China Post takes 10-35 days with the occasional package taking 45+ days). So we will be doing our best to steer very clear of DHL and go with large monthly port-to-port shipping containers of kratom. We hope to have the first one enroute this coming week and stock issues to normal out Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Sunshinegal 🌞 says:

    You at Oregon Kratom have more than earned the loyalty of your customers. I just wanted to pop in and say that I appreciate all your efforts during this stressful interlude. I’ll be checking daily.

    • Thanks so much! We have begun receiving our normal stock from our normal supplier in Indonesia yesterday so many strains are in stock, the rest should arrive in the next day or two (hopefully) as they are just a day behind in the mail from a slight delay in Customs clearance!

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