For Kratom Beginners (pt. 1): Differences of Kratom Vein Colors (Red, Green, White)

At Oregon Kratom we’ve decided to publish a new series of brief educational articles in order to assist beginners as well as enthusiasts who may be eager to expand their knowledge pertaining to all things kratom.

.For Beginners Pt. 1: Learn More About Kratom Strain Vein Colors…
‘This is part one, the first in our new and hopefully informative series titled “For Kratom Beginners”:

All kratom strains are classified and, with most retailers and vendors, generally categorized by one major attribute – their vein color.

Whether a kratom powder, crushed leaf, stem and vein or a product which is a kratom derivative such as an extract, gel capsule or tincture the first thing you will want to know is what vein color a strain (or blend) is and that is for one overwhelmingly crucial reason; a vein color indicates what effects a strain may be anticipated to produce based on where that vein color falls on the spectrum.

Please note that red, green and white all contain different ratios of a number of different alkaloids, each of which have their own affects as well as the varying overall affect on the individual body produced by the interaction of these many active alkaloids when consumed at differing ratios due to either/or consuming a different strain, especially of a different vein color, or a different dosage. The differences in effects for individuals between just a gram or two in dosage may vary from none to profound.

While unique body chemistry, body weight, tolerance and many other factors will determine the exact effect of a given strain it is almost universally agreed that actual vein colors themselves fall on a spectrum which ranges from the Red Vein Kratom Strains, that produce the ‘slowest’ feeling to the energetic and very stimulating White Vein Kratom Strains with the Green Vein Kratom Strains engulfing the middle portion of the kratom vein color spectrum; although it should be noted that most greens do still provide energy like whites and unlike reds, they simply do not provide as much. Aside from that when attempting to find the ideal strain of kratom keep this vein color spectrum chart in mind to assist you:

Slow -> Fast = Red -> Green -> White

Obviously a white vein strain would be great with your coffee but a red vein two hours after dinner stands to be a far more suitable choice than that same white, or even a potent green such as Green Maeng Da.

Beyond these three traditional and widely recognized vein colors are two additional subsets which are gold and yellow. These are purposefully left off the chart as they are not actual vein colors but rather more recently invented names for small groups of strains that share a common location on the spectrum.

Gold kratom strains are in fact red vein strains which lie near to, if not exactly, half-way between the fastest red vein and the slowest green vein strain, making them seem to equally be a green or red vein, hence the creation of a new vein “color”. Those looking for a fast red or a very slow green may be interested in gold strains.

Likewise yellow strains are in fact whites in origin but directly between a green and white in terms of effects and energy level they could equal seem to by a speedy green or a slower white and are a great choice for those seeking the energy of a white but who wish to avoid overdoing it due to concerns over anxiety, etc. that must steer clear of overstimulation.

Please also note that strains will often times carry the same name from one brand to the other but in fact be slightly different in origin depending on suppliers, farmers and preparation therefore you should rely more heavily on the spectrum and advise from each individual kratom retailer (and customers familiar with said retailer) than individual strain name across multiple retailers.

In keeping with this advice we will say quickly that consensus among our staff and customers is that Green Maeng Da, Green Thai and Super Green Jongkong are Oregon Kratom’s fastest green vein strains with White Maeng Da and White Thai being our fastest white strains and Yellow Maeng Da directly between Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da. Green Sumatra is our slowest green with Red Maeng Da being our fastest, Red Bali being our most popular and most classic middle-of-the-road red vein strain and Red Sumatra being our overall slowest red vein strain available.

Energy level is certainly far from the sole quality one may seek or attain from the consumption of kratom powders, however it is a primary one and by choosing a kratom strain of the correct vein color with the ‘speed’ of the vein color in mind you can more easily find your favorite and strains and more quickly narrow down the specific strain you may be after for any given mood or situation.

Please note these statements have note been evaluated by the FDA and are meant as personal views in an attempt to better understand the effects of kratom for research purposes and not meant as instructions nor directions for use or an endorsement or claim of the efficacy, potency or effects of any and/or all kratom containing products are The FDA does not believe any current research shows kratom to be a safe dietary ingredient or supplement and end users are advised to consult a physician before consuming any amount of kratom and to please consume kratom responsibly when doing so.