Disclaimer and Kratom Use

Kratom is not intended for human consumption and is sold here strictly as a popular ingredient in craft soap making. Kratom is not evaluated by the FDA, not known to treat or cure any ailments and side effects of use are not evaluated. Please do not purchase kratom for personal use or use as a supplement or ingest in any fashion, this is not it’s intended use and we may cancel your order if we find out you plan on ingesting our kratom powders and kratom powder products.

Furthermore we do not sell kratom in any form or any of our kratom containing products for any sort of human consumption nor will we discuss anything like this with you. It is not a dietary ingredient, supplement or drug. If you are purchasing kratom for these reasons we will reject your sale. Kratom powders are a finely ground natural kratom leaf that is popular in craft soap making due to the varying aromas and colors from strain to strain as well as strains’ varying ability to provide a numbing sensation when applied topically.