ALL BACKORDERS EXPECTED TO BY SHIP MIDDLE OF WEEK, Have finally solved card processor deposit issue! New orders expect 3-5 day delay from backlog!
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Credit/Debit Card Processor Issues


As you are likely aware our credit/debit card processor started experiencing issues on Monday, at first 25% of orders were failing for no reason, then 50%, then 75% and then we took them offline when it reached that point.

We have been in constant contact with our representative and they have put out multiple fixes that seemed to work for a moment and then ultimately failed shortly after. At this point we’re looking into a new credit card processor, unfortunately the options for the kratom industry are few and far between, while still hoping they will get their system fixed any day now (we skype with them multiple times daily they are legitimately working on it and working long hours on it).

As of right now we are unable to process any credit cards. I apologize, personally and on behalf of everyone at Oregon Kratom, for the inconvenience this has caused you all; however it has become nearly impossible to process credit/debit cards for kratom sales online so we’re really hoping this company gets it fixed (they have a LOT of clients so there are many other kratom vendors waiting for their fix just like us as well).

We have zero control over this issue it’s 100% their tech people not ours working around the clock on a fix so there is nothing we can do, we have no ETA and we do not have the staff to answer any questions about this issue from hundreds of customers daily; all information we have right now is in the above post. Thank you and hopefully we’ll be taking cards shortly. The second they are up and running we will be as well; all of our staff is on-call until this is resolved

We can take your bitcoin (and alt coin) kratom orders though and process and send those out in the meantime. We ship after 2 confirmations – that means same day even with low fees for the most part.