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Credit/Debit Card Processing Finally Approved!

Our kratom friendly credit and debit card processor and bank has finally approved us yesterday afternoon we signed the final document. We are awaiting now a skype conference (within the next 24 hours hopefully earlier today) with their technical people as they show us how to integrate their card processing gateway with our checkout page. This will allow you to order 24/7 (no more limits or invoices) and just type your card information in securely while ordering completing your order in one easy action just like shopping at a normal online store.

So we are still invoicing today but it will be the last day, we are just waiting on them to help us integrate their stuff with our site (it’s their policy to do it via a scheduled Skype conversation to make sure everything is done properly rather than just allowing us access to code to implement it ourselves on our checkout page is the only reason we aren’t already up and using them).

Thank you all so much for hanging in there these last nearly 3 weeks while we dealt with our payment issues, the light at the end of the tunnel is here now!

A little note on our low stock: We have 1,100 kilos that should’ve been here already; we usually get a restock every week and try to do this so we don’t run out at all or if we do it’s only for a day or two on a strain or two. Well, we went 3 weeks without ANY of our scheduled restocks delivered. This happens occasionally, just mail delays, we have no control over it. Yesterday however we received 40 kilos of powder and 2 kilos of extract so we’re very hopeful the rest of that shipment will be delivered today/tomorrow and we will have all strains back in stock. You may or may not know but we have shifted the responsibility for batch testing of all product we receive to our supplier (he tests for multiple things including ecoli and salmonella). This means as soon as it arrives we can just give it a quick manual quality check (quick visual and smell check and sift for any coarse particles) and list it for sale the same day it arrives.

So expect to be able to return to Oregon Kratom in the next day or two and buy any strain you want while paying with your credit/debit card directly during the checkout process no matter what time of day it is and without worrying about daily limits.

– Zac at Oregon Kratom


  • John L Sheldon says:

    I can”t see where to check out with my card.

    • admin says:

      It’s getting fixed now, we just went live and it wasn’t working properly. On the phone with them now try back in around an hour their code is wrong somewhere it was giving an error message they are working on figuring it out as we speak.

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