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Credit Card Processing Daily Limit

As many of you have noticed this week we are forced to close each morning due to reaching a daily limit on our credit card processing. This is because we are in transition to a new card processor, once complete we will not have to deal with the invoicing step at all we can just accept orders straight through like a normal eCommerce buying experience. Unfortunately the regulations for a kratom business are very strict and to get all of this setup is going to take 10-14 days.

In the meantime we are using a new card processor and, since we are a brand new account to protect themselves from possible fraud and chargebacks, they have us limited to processing $5,000 a day only. After we reach this point we have to close the store. The limit resets at 8 AM Pacific each day and at this time we reopen and run until we hit $5,000 then we close the store again as we cannot process any more orders for the day.

We know this is incredibly inconvenient for you and it is for us as well, we have a lot of product we are unable to sell due to this limit and a lot of employees I am unable to give hours to as well. The upside is this is temporary and when we’re done we’ll be able to process your credit and debit card orders automatically like a regular non kratom business and you won’t have to await an invoice to complete your payment. You can simply order and enter your card details all at once and we’ll get you shipped right out. Unfortunately the process entails us doing limited business while our new payment provider and bank review our financials in detail. Once this process is complete you’ll have a simplified ordering experience (no more waiting on invoices) and we will no longer be subject to payment processors and banks arbitrarily withholding tens of thousands of dollars of our money for months at a time or decide to cease doing business with us just because of the word ‘kratom‘ out of the blue.

This is something that is necessary for us to continue to grow and stay in business and not only accept credit/debit cards but even just to bank in general and while it makes things very difficult for those of you trying to order these next 10-14 days in the future it will make the ordering process much smoother and will protect our business from having funds frozen constantly without reason.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you long term, this temporary hassle of limited daily sales is part of a larger solution to make the future buying process much easier and quicker for you as well as insulating our business assets and allowing us a measure of financial security that is very difficult to maintain in this industry.

– Zac at Oregon Kratom


  • Mark says:

    I’m trying to order for the first time as my regular company no longer even sells. It’s only 8:10 pacific and you have already reached your sales limit???????

  • Phil says:

    Do you have an expected date when the credit card transition will be finalized and you can receive more than your current limit of orders?

    • admin says:

      They told us 12-14 days for setup which would be either Friday or Monday (unless they meant business days then possibly middle of next week). We are very much hoping for Friday (the 27th) but it’s not certain yet.

  • kratomandmath says:

    hey, on average how quickly do you reach the $5,000 limit? is it like 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.

  • AngelMontes2116 says:

    Ive waited for 2 days to place an order is there any waiting list or something?

    • admin says:

      No it is just first come first serve, once we process $5,000 of orders we are not allowed to process anymore for the day, it resets at 8 AM Pacific and we hit the limit in an hour or so. You must just make your order right at 8 AM (IMPORTANT PACIFIC TIME) and you will have 1-2 hours where we can accept orders from anyone, after that we reach $5,000 in sales and cannot accept anymore orders until it resets the next day. You just have to order right when we open, or within an hour or so of opening, at 8 AM Pacific and your order will go through fine.

      We hope to be back to unlimited orders 24/7 very soon, we are more than a week into this 2 week process at that time there will be no daily limit and we will process everyone’s orders at any time of day, until then you must order early when we open before we reach our limit or we are unable to process any more card transactions and have to close until the next day.

  • Karl says:

    Have the issues been resolved yet or shall I make sure that I’m here in an hour to place an order?

    • admin says:

      We’re still working on it, they told us 14 business days max that’s the end of this week (I think Thursday) so we are just waiting.

  • christopher.andrew.carr says:

    What do you think — perhaps by Monday?

  • LoyalDunmer says:

    So, what’s going on with the card processing? Any idea when I can start being a customer again? Cause this is really getting old.

    • admin says:

      Trust me, we are not happy with only being able to be open for an hour a day either, I’ve had to lay off staff – furlough pay other staff, etc. We finally got an underwriter acceptance yesterday (should’ve occurred two weeks ago) and submitted to the bank but that’s not even the end of the road yet. It is ridiculous the hoops they are making the kratom industry jump through right now. If you look it’s industry wide, almost every company only takes ACH/eCheck or Bitcoin. We WILL have a 24/7 credit card processing solution up soon it is just NOT a fast process believe me nobody wants it sped up more than myself; it affects not just my business but all of my employees’ families and livelihoods. In the meantime we DO open every day at 8 AM Pacific and we take $5,000 wroth of orders (that’s what we’re limited to daily and 8 AM PACIFIC is when it resets while we await final approval) which we usually sell out in around an hour. So just try to order as close to 8 AM PACIFIC time as possible and we can accept your credit/debit card and ship you out the same day. Today was the one exception to that because of a serious workplace medical emergency that occurred yesterday we were unable to open today but we are cleared to open tomorrow just stop by at 8 AM PACIFIC time and we will get your order in the mail.

      I truly and sincerely apologize only being able to take $5,000 in orders every 24 hours and selling that limit in 1 hour is not what any business owner wants. The government has made this completely legal industry almost impossible to do business in as of late.

  • Michael says:

    I posted yesterday by accident twice and it appears both were either deleted or just never posted. Anyways, I love Oregon Kratom, your the best in the market! However, is there any news when this is going to be completed? You guys have the best prices and I’m blowing a lot of money on overpriced vendors. It’s hard to place an order in time because it is during my work hours, so I always miss the window.

  • Josh says:

    so does your website always say you are out of stock on EVERY item? or is it just when you are not taking orders?

    • admin says:

      We are out of stock on a LOT of strains. We order a restock every week in order to hopefully always remain in stock but we have not received a restock in over 3 weeks. There seems to be an international mail hold up at some facility tracking shows it has not yet made it to US customs, we were expecting restocks each of the last 3 weeks and all are delayed still. We hope to be fully stock literally any day.

  • skidmore.shane says:

    Trying to purchase a kilo. 1st time buyer. Other vendor is Mia. Still hold ups on the c.c. issue? It won’t process

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