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Credit/Debit Card and Apple Pay Payments at Oregon Kratom

Credit/Debit Card and Apple Pay Orders:

To checkout and pay with a credit/debit card just choose this option on the checkout screen and then check your e-mail in about an hour for an invoice with a link to pay for your order.

If it’s been over an hour since you completed checkout and you have not received your invoice (during business hours of 8 AM – 9 PM Pacific 7-days a week) please check your junk/spam e-mail folder and then e-mail us at  – this usually indicates either your spam filters are set very high and have caught our e-mail invoice for you to pay and incorrectly marked it as spam (since it contains language about money owed and a link to our payment processor) or a technical prevented it from reach you; we will reply out promptly and manually invoice you!

You will be invoiced to your provided e-mail address promptly with a confirmation of your order, your order # and amount, and a link to pay via credit or debit card online upon submitting your order here. You will be invoiced usually within the hour during business hours and at opening time the next day outside of business hours, we will send the invoice with a payment link (online payment) to your e-mail manually. This invoice confirms that your order is ready to ship upon you providing payment via credit/debit card at the provided link.

Simply follow the link to complete your payment with your credit or debit card and we will ship your order out. This system allows us to accept credit/debit cards from buyers and also makes sure you never pay until we are physically ready to ship your order! Once your order is packaged and ready to go we will send you an e-mail invoice to your provided e-mail address (from OK Oregon K) with your order # and the total amount (the same as on the checkout page here at Oregon Kratom). This means we have reviewed your order and are ready to ship, just enter your credit/debit card billing information securely on Plasso’s merchant services account to complete your payment. In this way we never have access to your sensitive payment details and are able to accept credit/debit cards when many kratom sellers are not!

Your order will still be processed just as fast and you will know it’s ready to go as you won’t pay until we have confirmed it and invoiced you via e-mail!

Bitcoin Orders:

Simply select bitcoin and an address and amount will be generated for you, you’re done and your order is on it’s way! You’ll receive an e-mail with tracking # shortly.