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Credit/Debit Card Payments at Oregon Kratom

Credit/Debit Card Orders:

As you may be aware credit and debit card policies generally forbid the use of their cards for the purchase of kratom, even though kratom is completely legal. Because of this we are using a credit/debit card payment processor that is used by the legal marijuana dispensaries in our state of Oregon as well as around the country in other states where marijuana has been legalized as our businesses are similar in that they are legal (kratom is more legal in fact as it is not scheduled at the Federal level) but many banks and credit and debit card issuers and processors choose to not do business with our companies.

This is why it asks for your DOB and other information on the first step, this is to make sure you are old enough to purchase marijuana and kratom in all states (18-21 years of age depending on state) which is also our company policy that you be at least 18 even in states where it is not required and 19 or 21 in states that require those ages, respectively.

After verification of your age you will continue with the checkout process and be directed to complete your payment with one of our partners. You may pay them with a traditional payment processor or you may pay their PayPal account – in this case you do not need to have or create or use a PayPal account you can just select and pay them with your credit or debit card directly to their PayPal account. All of these partner accounts are under our umbrella and we will instantly be notified that your payment is complete and will pack and ship your order as soon possible (we currently ship all orders same day they are placed). You will get an e-mail confirming that your payment has been made and what one of our companies names will appear on your bank or credit card statement; please remember this name as Oregon Kratom will never appear this helps keep your transaction discrete and keeps nosy family members from learning of your kratom purchase; however since the company name has nothing to do with kratom you may not remember it when you receive your credit card statement at the end of the month so please keep a record of which company name will appear on your credit card/bank statement so that you do not mistakenly believe you are the victim of credit card fraud but rather your purchase to Oregon Kratom will appear under a generic company name that does not reference kratom at all.

You will receive a final e-mail from us later in the day with your tracking information, this lets you know that your package is on it’s way, your order complete and allows you to track your order and see when it will arrive. Please note that this e-mail comes from our shipping provider (USPS/ not us and as such oftentimes may be in your junk mail folder so check there if you don’t see tracking information by the end of the business day. If you have not received an e-mail with your tracking number by the end of the business day (after checking your spam/junk folder as well) please contact us via e-mail at and we will get your tracking information for you ASAP. ALL orders, even free orders, are shipped same day and with tracking this is why we only accept orders during business hours; so we can be certain we only accept as many orders as we are able to ship before the close of business each day.

In short Oregon Kratom now functions much like a traditional eCommerce store, only with the additional step of age verification, you will need to pay right when you proceed to checkout and have your payment automatically processed and accepted at the time of purchase/checkout rather than awaiting a future invoice. Any order that is not paid for at the time of checkout will cancel out so please proceed all the way through until you enter your credit or debit card details and receive your confirmation of payment/receipt e-mail.